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A trend? A lifestyle? A mood?

It started with fashion… 'a minimalist approach to fashion that emphasizes timeless elegance, quality and everyday versatility.'

Quiet luxury has gained in popularity, especially with social media virals like TikTok, but but isn't a new concept, and at its core is based in investing in high quality, minimal pieces that have a timeless feel. Arguably there's some element of sustainability. By it's nature, quiet luxury rejects seasonal fashion and seeks timeless designs, the 'buy less, buy better' idea promotes a more conscious consumption.

This popular trending idea has infiltrated skincare and hair. You might be wondering how timelessness and buying better, or even less translates to hair. But quiet luxury isn't just about hairstyle. While it's true your hairstyle says a lot about you and often determines how people perceive you {this isn’t new} the health of your hair will speak the loudest. Picture that person who has silky, voluminous locks. Now envision that same hair broken with split ends, a poor dye job, extensions showing, etc... When it comes to quiet hair luxury, hair health is key!

If you know me, I'm all for this. My guests know how important hair health is to me, and I'm on board with this trend... ahem, mood or lifestyle.

While ‘quiet luxury’ is the new aesthetic trend loudly stealing public attention, healthy, quality hair is needed to make your hair whisper luxury. So make that appointment to fix your split ends, touch up your roots, go for the Brazilian blowout, add the extensions... elevate your hair!

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