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Looking to edge up your ponytails and braids? Look no further than this fauxhaux bubble pony.

If you're not willing to cut a mohawk {I think that's most of us!} this is a fun rocker-chic look that gives the effect of a mohawk without the commitment of a mohawk. It's a win-win.

The steps are super easy, and I demo it in the video, but I also broke it down below for those of us who need a visual and the explanation.

What You'll Need

  • small clear elastics

  • brush

  • rattail comb for easy sectioning

Step 1- begin by sectioning a top piece of hair into a small pony. *Pro Tip: brush strands well before tying off into ponytails to help smooth and reduce flyaways.

Step 2- take your next small section for a second pony, but be sure to include the tail from the first pony when banding together.

Step 3- continue with small sections down the head being sure to include the tail of each previous pony when banding the new ponytail. finish to the nape of the neck, or you can continue further down... it's really your preference.

Step 4- go back and pull each 'bubble' section of hair. be sure to only pull the the 'loop' of hair and not the entire section that was banded.

Tag me {@styledxmelissa #melissashairtutorials} if you try it. I'd love to see your fauxhawks!

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