Color Correction

Updated: Sep 8

I believe this is such an important topic to discuss because I find many are mystified by what hairstylists can do, and sometimes expectations are set by a client without a real understanding of what a color correction is.

What is it?

In plain terms, color correction is 'fixing the undesirable result of a color job gone wrong.' It may also be that you went a particular color, say pink fashion color, and now you want to go back to a more natural state, or try a different fashion color. The reality is, hair color mishaps can happen to the best of us and for different reasons, but your hair color disaster can be fixed in one of a few ways. Color correction involves either toning out unwanted brassiness, dying your hair darker, or lightening your hair even more to achieve the desired effect. Here’s what you need to know about hair color correction.

How do I fix it?

When a hair color session goes wrong, the first instinct is damage control. Though you want to fix the splotchy, brassy mess as quickly as possible, you may need to weather the storm for a few weeks to protect the health of your hair. This can be a scary thought.

As hair stylists, we are often called on to be hair magicians, and as much as I'd love to claim that, {because sometimes magic happens!}, the reality is that it's much more about chemistry. Often, even with the right chemistry, some things just aren't possible... like going from black to blonde in one day? NOT going to happen!

Color correction takes a whole lot of patience and a knowledgeable stylist. Removing a darker color {like black box dye} from your hair is a long and difficult process, not to mention strenuous on your hair. Lightener can be damaging if done incorrectly, too often, or applied too strong or for a long period at once.

Remember that bad ass, knowledgeable and talented stylist I mentioned earlier? It's super important you trust her/him, so when that stylist says what is possible today, or informs you of the reality of your hair situation, you know that they're relying on their knowledge and only have your hair's health as top priority. Not to mention your ultimate happiness in the end. Just because it might not be done that day, your bad ass stylist will get you to where you want to be. But only if you make sure to listen because the best stylists will care more about the integrity of your hair in the end than making a quick buck.

And speaking of bucks…. color correction is expensive! 'It costs that much 'cause it takes me ... hours.' I know y'all have heard that lil ditty on social media... {if not, check out the attached video!} It's quite costly for us stylists, which means it's expensive for you. Many salons and stylists charge an hourly price for color corrections because it is such a lengthy process, and unless your stylist is already familiar with your hair, they won’t know just how your hair is going to react to the chemicals they'll be using.

Remember that black box dye? Clients often have box color in their hair, or just had a bad color experience that leads to splotches and spotty color, or have years of hair color history that does play a role. That translates t0 hours to balance out and blend away the unwanted color(s). Those before's and after's you see all over social media take A LOT of time! Most celebrity stylists book out half or full days for their color clients and charge thousands of dollars.

The reality is that sometimes that dream hair, like most things, won't happen overnight... it takes time to achieve. So, the moral of this story? It’s important to listen to your trusted stylist and believe them when they tell you, with all that knowledge they paid for, that those big changes you're seeking may take many services/visits and will cost you. As for the numbers, they aren't just pulled out of hat. The cost of color correction is based on many factors: time, hair history, stylist's knowledge, and the steps and product to get you there.

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