2022 Top Hair Trend

Updated: Sep 8

Where are my hair trend influencer and followers? Are you wearing this year's top hair trend? My clients sure are!

Lately, it seems almost all my ladies that want a change are requesting the top hair trend of 2022... the bob.

Yeah, you heard it here if you haven't heard it yet. The original bob, and it's newer version, the lob, or long bob that sits at collarbone length is 2022's top trend in hairstyles. Balmain hair couture artist and educator Maggie Semaan describes the look as a 'timeless classic that will always be in and out of style, and is a big deal right now.'

The bob/lob can be more personalized with bangs or long layers, depending on preference and/or face shape. So let's talk face shape, and how to make a bob work for you... in case you've been contemplating a change and like to be up with the latest trend.

How to make a bob work for you:

When it comes to rockin' a bob, I like to look at my client's face shapes and determine what facial assets they want to emphasize. For instance, if you have full lips and you want to draw attention to them, an a-line bob that hits at the corner of the mouth is a great choice.

My clients with a longer face shape tend to want to shorten it up and make it look closer to an oval {the 'ideal' face shape... it's all relative, but when talking proportions}. In this case, I might suggest a shorter bob/lob to visually shorten up the face and possibly add fringe {bangs} if they have a higher forehead. For a rounder face shape, I'd suggest elongating the visual by keeping to a lob. Going sleek and smooth softens the roundness and in some cases, depending on the client, I'd add some volume on top... another trick to elongate the face.

I also like to keep in mind jawline, and facial features. A defined jawline or edgier features can end up looking harsher depending on the cut and style. Length and styling are key to ensuring your bob suits your face.

Tell me, are you ready to rock this trend for the new year?

Keep an eye out for tips to growing out a bob in a post to come!

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