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Hey there! If you're a stylist and you're here, then you already know extensions can completely transform your guest's look. I believe every woman deserves the hair of her dreams, and I think you do too! My moto is: if my guests are not naturally blessed with the hair of their dreams, extensions will provide them with luxurious locks that are 100% Human Remy Hair, but they must be applied in a safe, quality manner to give optimum results.

First of all I have to tell you this isn’t a method. You don’t get a certification. As an extensions specialist, I asked myself if I wanted to be certified in applying extensions in the same way on every guest or if I wanted strategies that focused on the individual guests needs. I knew immediately the answer was the latter, so I took a ton of different brand extensions methods... and got certified in them all! I know, I know, it sounds weird right. Here me out... while I deeply feel certification in a method doesn’t equal experience and knowledge to provide a quality service, do I believe you shouldn't be certified?Absolutely not! What I learned from all the courses I took, were of course that method's style for applying extensions, but also the fundamentals. The fundamentals don't change. I truly believe different methods have a lot to offer, but certification just means that you've completed one method's course, I encourage you to try different methods, whether you end up with a certification or not. Believe me, your guests aren't going to care what method you're doing so long as it won't damage their hair and they look amazing after the service. Ultimately, what you need to seek in any method is the fundamental principles of extensions application in order to provide a safe, quality experience for your guest. What's even better is finding a non-method strategy course that offers you the fundamentals and helps you to use them uniquely to improve the service for say fine haired guests, guests with thicker density, guests with unique curl patterns, etc...


So, if this is not a method, what is it? Welcome to science based strategies steeped in fundamentals for any hand sewn extensions application that has the extensions specialist and their guests unique needs in mind. I could go on and on, and will in a welcome packet if you join the course!


In a nutshell, this class focuses on the strategies of extensions application and a stylist's desire to specialize in providing their guests amazing results customized to their unique needs. I want to teach you how to apply the fundamentals for all of your individualized guest's needs. I want you to have the confidence to troubleshoot if one 'method' isn't working. Most likely, it's not a method, it's just the way the fundamentals are applied that may be perfect for one guest, but not another. I want you to succeed behind the chair knowing you can apply the fundamentals for a safe, quality application for any guest. 


Welcome to Styled x The Strategy!

If you're interested in tips + tricks to improve your fundamentals for extensions applications, head to my IG and click the subscribe button 👑

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